2013 Concept winners
2013 Concept winners

2013 Concept winners

9/9/2013 -
Steven Shebester 13 Nate McMillan 7 Chris Cochran 6 Eric Shelton 6 Billy Cribbs 6 Nick Schafer 5 Jeff Billingsley 4 Patrick Hurtado 4 Cole

Concept Chassis Customer Accolades

"I came from 10th to score the win with the Miniakota Micro Sprints. 3 out of the top 4 cars were Concept Chassis. Thanks for building great cars."
Ryan Schuur
"The best non-wing cars ever! Won three track championships in a Concept and won at least one A-Main at every track we ran at this year, these cars are awesome!"
Nate McMillin
"Cleanest and most professionally built car on the market with unmatched comfort and performance!"
Zeke Lewis
Micro Sprint Nation Interview...
"I have raced about every micro chassis there is! There is none better than a Concept! From many wins in the 2011-2012 season, the bar only keeps raising higher!"
Steven Shebester
"Because they are BAD FAST!"
Tim Ottenbacher
"Rodney has built another great car. Clean sweep at Southern Illinois Raceway Saturday night! We won everything I was in. Thanks Again! Not bad for the 1st night out in our new car!"
Rick Odum
"I wouldn't race any other micro sprint chassis but a Concept. If Concept built sprint cars, I would continue my racing career in one of their Chassis's."
Cole Ketcham
"I ran other chassis in the past and always said, "Man I wish I had a Concept." Well, I finally got one and its fast everywhere we take it,and always up front. We had an unbelievable 2012 race season and plan to back it up in 2013!"
Zac Taylor

Concept Chassis Most Recent Winners

Steven Shebester 7
Nate McMillan 4
Chris Cochran 3
Ryan Schur 2
Dawson Stealy 2
Patrick Hurtado
Cole Bodine 1
Billy Cribbs 1
Sydney Arnett 1
Brook Cooper 1
Austin Kromberg 1
Tyler Blackburn 1
Tyler Huffman 1
Colten Dooley 1
JJ Haley 1
Craig Ronk 1
Ben Taylor 1
Nathan Toney 1
Joe Leek 1
Kyle Trickle 1
Jordon Lambert 1